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    FAA Drone Registration

    Before you can fly, you need to become a registered drone operator.

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    Required Software

    Free LibrePilot software for programming your CC3D Flight Computer

  • First Drone - Section 2: Small Scale Fun

    Using an off the shelf beginner drone available for ~$15, we will become expert drone flyers, working up to flips and high-speed maneuvers.

    Micro palm sized drone

    Cheerson CX-10 Orange

    The classic look for the palm sized drone.


    Small drones are perfect for those just getting started in the drone world. These miniature devices fly in the exact same manor as larger drones but are best suited for indoor use due to their small size. Once you are able to fly a small drone efficiently, you can begin building your full size drone.

    Micro palm sized drone with integrated camera

    Cheerson CX-10C Black with Camera

    The world's smallest drone with an integrated camera.


    In addition to needing to fly smaller drones indoors, they are also incapable of lifting heavier payloads like cameras. However, some mini drones have micro camera integrated into their body. These cameras are typically very low resolution, but are still able to capture some fun flying footage.

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