• Corrections, Errata, and Updates

    This repository contains any printing/writing errors that occurred during the publishing process.


    If you spot any mistakes not listed here, please get in touch at corrections@diydronebook.com.

    Depending on the mistake(s) you find, we may send you a free micro-drone!

    August 2, 2017 · corrections,Errata
    Section 5, Page 108 (right column, halfway down) "Check the 'Enable TxPID box'" should read as: "Check the 'Enable TxPID module'"
    January 11, 2017 · corrections,Errata
    Section 6, Page 117 (left column, last paragraph) "Remember, polarity odes matter on LEDs" should read as: "Remember, polarity does matter on LEDs" Section 6, Page 120 (right column, halfway down) "that's easy fix you'll take care of in the next project...” should read as: "that's an easy fix...
    November 25, 2016 · corrections,Errata
    Section 1, Page 17 (left column, second paragraph) “Because some of the lift that keeping you up at altitude during a hover is now being applied to generate thrust for forward motion, you…” should read as: “Some of the lift that was keeping you up at altitude while hovering is now being applied...