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    Learn about aerospace engineering, building a drone from scratch, and the future of the UAV industry.

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    The following pages coincide with projects from the book.

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    Micro FPV

    Book Section 8

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  • About the Authors

    Ian Cinnamon

    Ian Cinnamon is an engineer and entrepreneur determined to bring ideas to life. At a young age, he taught himself computer science which led to him authoring the Scientific American Book Club bestseller Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius. He has been a leader and advisor at a number of Silicon Valley-based technology companies. In addition to serving in product roles at Apple, Yelp, and Zynga, Ian led his startup, superlabs, through acquisition and serves as Director of Strategy at the nonprofit Immunity Project. A Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipient and Speaker, Ian is an MIT graduate and MBA candidate at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

    Romi Kadri

    Romi Kadri began his engineering career at Rolls-Royce, manufacturing compressor blades for jet engines before heading to MIT where he graduated in Engineering and Entrepreneurship. Having founded and invested in numerous technology businesses and served in everything from Artist Management at Interscope Records to Innovation at Sonos, he continues to fulfill his love of bringing the most impactful technologies and music to the world. In 2016 Romi became a certified pilot, turning his childhood dream of flying airplanes to reality.

    Fitz Tepper

    Fitz Tepper writes for the technology news site TechCrunch about a wide range of topics ranging from FinTech and Bitcoin to drones and self-driving cars. Fitz also currently attends Fordham University's School of Law, and is a graduate of USC's Marshall School of Business. Fitz is also a frequent technology commentator on CNN's Los Angeles-based "CNN Newsroom".